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Monday, January 24, 2011

Simplify - Live Simply, Laugh Often, Love Much

I long to simplify, maybe then my house would always be organized, I would always have time to do what I wanted.....very funny huh?  I think that part of raising kiddos, especially when we live in our house 24-7 with homeschooling, is accepting that there is always going to be a mess somewhere in the house!  It amazes me that  all the technology out there to make our lives eaiser, simpler if you will, has a tendency to draw us away of what's  truly important, or it just helps us heap more onto our already overloaded lives!  Crazy isn't it?

So, I'm going to get off my technology (laptop) and go read a good book with my kiddos, how is that for simplifying?  =0)

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  1. You are too too cute!!!! I love all of what you do! My bestie over at Dejavu crafts and I love to work with wood and hopefully will be getting up and going again!!! I've been on the mending end with my back!!! so here's to our addictions!!!
    hugs and kisses