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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Old Jewelry Boxes Redo Tutorial - Great Little Girl Gifts!

I hope everyone had a very, Merry Christmas!!! I couldn't post this fun project until after Christmas as it was a gift for my little girls. I'm really happy about the way they turned out. I will be selling custom jewelry boxes on my Etsy if you are interested in having me do a customized jewelry box for someone special. Feel free to e-mail me with what you are looking for. No two are alike! Here is what they looked like before:

They actually look pretty good from the pictures. You can't tell that one of the windows is cracked and that the inside of the drawers are very dirty. A great part of the deal was that I paid about $6 for each of them! Here is what the inside of the drawers looked like before:

So that is one of the first things that has to go - the nasty felt! After I took the felt out, I just made a pattern of it on some poster board and traced the shape on to "Steam-a-Seam 2" (love that stuff). If you haven't appliqued before, just remember to trace your shape onto the side of the Steam-a-Seam that has sticky on the back, then pull off the paper on the other side and iron the sticky side to the BACK of your fabric. The instructions are right on the Steam-a-Seam also. Once you have your Steam-a-Seam onto the back side of your fabric, cut the shape out and pull the remaining paper off and put it onto the poster board, sticky side down. Then iron again and you have a fabric covered posterboard shape. Then all you have to do is glue your fabric covered poster board into place in the drawer. Here are pictures of the process:

This is the drawer after the old felt was removed. Note: I have already painted the outside of the drawer the color I wanted it to be in the end.

Here I'm making the pattern on my poster board with the old felt (ewww!)
Here is my friend "Steam-a-Seam 2":

Here is the Steam-a-Seam, with all the patterns traced, ironed onto the back side of my fabric:

Here is what the drawer looked after I re-lined it (much better):

To finish the project, I spray painted the jewlery boxes black, distressed them, and let pink or blue color "show through" to match the fabric I was doing. To really personalize it, I stitched flowers on coordinating fabric for the "windows". It turned out to be a really fun project and my girls loved them!!! Here are a couple of close-ups:

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  1. Kristi these are so cute! I love them. Quite the crafty girl you are. Hey about that gift for Delpha....still waiting for you to put it up on etsy so I can pay you with pay pal.

  2. okay, okay, okay!!! =0) Did Delpha like the sign?

  3. She was absolutely thrilled. She didn't have any idea that we were paying attention so yes she was very very happy. Thank you!

  4. THese are so beautiful! Any little girl (or big girl) would be lucky to have one!

    Thanks for linking!

  5. Love these! I'm going to have to keep my eye out for some great jewelry boxes when I am thrifting! ~Lanie

  6. Wow, beautiful job! I've seen those jewelry boxes at thrift stores, but had no idea how to make them over. VERY impressive. Thanks for linking up, could you please add a link to REINVENTED in your post? Thanks!

  7. I linked to this in my Friday Favorites!



  8. Those are TOTALL AMAZING!! I've always hated those things because they're boring looking and all look the same. You've done an incredible job. NOW I want to buy a couple for my daughters. Very unique.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Very sweet! The flower button detail is adorable.

    Thanks for linking them up to SNS to show us!

    FJ Donna

  10. These are so stinkin' cute!!!! My daughter would love this, she is 8yo, and we are all about redoing "stuff". Thank-you so much for sharing this wonderful idea. I've never heard of the Steam-a-seam, I can't wait to try it.

  11. Okay, I have one of these old jewelry boxes sitting in my garage in the goodwill pile...now you have convinced me to go bring it back into the house! What a fabulous idea--I love how yours turned out.

  12. Love it!! Come show it off at my Thursday's Treasures Party!

  13. Thanks for the great instructions on how you did this. They turned out really cute; I'm sure your girls loved them.

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