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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Working on Valentine's Day crafts has got me to thinking of when I first met my "Sweetheart" when I was 14 (yep, that's right, high school sweethearts!). I can remember the exact time of day and where it was, and yes, I was "Twitterpated" for those blue eyes!!! Thinking about that day inspired me to make the above fun sign! Yes, I am still twitterpated for that guy that I met 26 years ago. (I'm sure he secretly lurks on my blog - love you Sweetie! =0)

I'll be loading the sign up on Etsy if your "Twitterpated" too!

Guess what? I'll be guest blogging over at Fireflies and Jellybeans tomorrow with a tutorial on a VERY FUN VALENTINE'S DAY PROJECT: "LOVE SPOKEN HERE"! Come check it out!
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  1. Very cute. I remember that young love....oh and I do believe I have photos of that young couple. Love you sis.

  2. Love it! So cute. Thanks for stopping by today! ~Lanie

  3. I love that part of Bambi... Twitterpated! You sign is so cute! Looking forward to blog swapping tomorrow!

  4. Egghead head sent me over to say hello. So, HELLO! I love the signs you make. Especially the snowmen!

  5. You met when you were 14?! That's awesome!! I'm glad to hear that you're still very much in love! Cute sign!

  6. Very nice job. I suppose your header is all of your artwork. You are very talented.

  7. Love it! what a fun saying for V-day.

  8. when i saw the link i thought it was an ode to twitter. which some still might take it as. Ah, 2010. ;)