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Monday, May 9, 2011

Kind Words

I'm reminded today how kind words can lift a spirit and encourage a soul!  As a  homeschool mom, it's so easy for me to constantly be coaching (correcting) instead of finding the positive words.  Well, I received some very sweet, encouraging words from a customer today and I'm reminded what a difference a positive thought can make:

"Oh my GOODness!!!!!!!!! I love them. They are on my mantle. Myself, hubby and kiddos LOVE it. I ordered another wooden item from a different shop and am KICKING myself. Yours is SO lovely.... A masterpiece. Wish that I had bought your bLESSED blocks too... oh well the family one from******* is fine, but not like yours. Be proud, it is lovely and I am overwhelmed at the beauty, quality and stunning-ness of the piece.

Thank you,
Karen Cowart"

Thank you Karen for making my day.  Now I'm off to give some encouraging words to those little people in my life.

1 comment:

  1. How fun for you, Kristi, that someone thought enough of your work to let you know! Doesn't that just make your day? Congrats for being 'top of the line' with your blocks!