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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Grow - a simple word but yet, for me, inspires much more meaning. Yes, the word grow can be the simple reminder of gardening, watching new seedlings take shape. But for me, "grow" challenges me to ground my roots deep where I've been planted and stretch to what God has intended me to be. Am I still learning? Am I striving to sand off those rough edges? Am I maturing into the creation I was intended?

It's not that I want to change into someone I'm not....although I have to admit through my life there have been times when I wished I was more, had a gift I don't possess, etc. But I've come to realize something. We don't look at an unripe fruit or green apple and get angry with it, or want it to change into another kind of fruit. We accept it for what it is and the stage it is in. We know that it is in a process and will one day become the beautiful, mature, delicious fruit it was meant to be.

You see, I believe that is the process each one of us is in. Those immature characteristics in us or our children (that seem so irritating at times), are just the green process of a creation that, at its full maturity, will make us the beautiful, unique creation we were intended to be. So today, I hope you can accept the wonderful creation that you are, yet reach, stretch and GROW into the beautiful, mature creation you were intended to be.

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  1. What a fantastic project! I love all the elements. The crocheted flowers are fabulous! =)

  2. This so caught my eye - lovely! xoox, tracie

  3. Love the details - thanks for sharing! Now following so I don't miss any fun ideas!