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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Live Life Simply

Live Life Simply.  Couldn't we all use a little more of this?  I remember when I used to work full-time, believing that I had to work full-time, that our family couldn't make it without it.  Wow, was I wrong.  When we made the choice to homeschool, I cut back to a very part-time job.  Yes, you make choices more carefully, but I am surprised at how much we don't need "that job" and how much stuff we don't need or miss including cable tv!!!  So, if you are thinking about staying home to be with your kiddos, I say go for it!  You'll never be sorry for the gift of time you are given with your children by living life simply....

A close up of the fun little Americana House and Sheep:

This wise old owl knows what he is talking about!

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  1. Love these. You are so creative and talented.

  2. Kristi... these are very cute!! Love the American Folk style art!

    Kendra @ Creative Ambitions

  3. how fun! do you paint these by hand?

  4. Jenn - Yep, I hand paint the blocks! It's one of those silly little passions I have!

  5. What a fantastic project! A truly neat metamorphosis.

    It took 23 years to complete my most recent project. Come take a peek.

  6. That looks great!!! I love the colors!

  7. These are wonderful little blocks, I love the hand painted work and the color and subjects are fantastic. Marla

  8. These are charming! Thanks for sharing and see you next week! Rory

  9. These are terrific. I've seen wood blocks done before but you are, hands down, the most creative and talented at it. All the colors are put together so perfectly. I really admire your work. Another great job.

  10. This is great. It reminds me of my childhood. I grew up on a blueberry farm, and my mom homeschooled us 5 kids. People thought she was crazy. She thought she was crazy. But looking back, I think I was really lucky to have spent so much time with her.

    Thank you for participating in the Creative Therapy session at Life in the Pitts!

  11. I love this.

    Great job...

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday at Life As Lori. Please join me next week for another great party.