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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sweetie Pie - Wetting Your Whistle for Valentine's Day!

Well, it's back to school for us this week (we homeschool) and I really should be grading papers or planning my next Konos lesson instead of crafting but I just couldn't help myself. I've had these ideas flying around in my head and if I didn't work out a couple, I'm not sure when I'd sleep again!!! So here to "wet your whistle" and get you in the mood for Valentine's Day is a little block set that will be up on my Etsy site. I know, I know, we just finished celebrating New Year's and Christmas, but before you now it, Valentine's Day will be here! Check back because there are still plenty of ideas flying around in that head of mine!!!! =0)

P.S. - if you want to see our homeschool in action - check us out here! =0) http://fuzisisters4.blogspot.com/search/label/Homeschooling

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  1. Angi said :)--
    Kristi~ I love your crafty stuff!! It is so awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us! The Valentine Blocks are too stinkin cute!! Can't wait to see what you think up next :0)

  2. This a simply adorable! perfect for V-day!

  3. Such a pleasure to have you link up today to Poppies! Such cute ideas!

  4. How cute. I love using blocks for decor. These are really great!

  5. Oh, I just love this. It turned out so good!

  6. Another fab set of blocks! You're very talented!