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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blog Swap with Appleseed Gifts - Pure Vanilla Bath Salts

I would like to introduce Ginger from Appleseed Gifts! I am blog swapping with her today! I'm doing a fun tutorial of variations of scrabble tile jewelry on her blog and Ginger has a great tutorial for us right here! So without further adieu, here's Ginger~

Hi folks! Today I'm swapping tutorials with Kristi from Punkin Seed Productions and she'll be blogging on my blog site, Appleseed Gifts! Head on over there to see what she's cooking up!

Today we're making Pure Vanilla Bath Salts. Slip 'em in the bath and head off to la-la land...

Here's what you need:

wax paper
measuring cup
8 oz jar
sea salt (can substitute Epsom salt)
decorative fabric
pure vanilla extract
ribbon or raffia (optional)
mixing bowl

Here's what you do:
Measure 8 ounces (1 cup) of salt and pour into mixing bowl
Measure 1-2 tbsp of vanilla (add or subtract to your liking) and add to salt

Mix well and spread salt out thinly onto wax paper to dry for 2-3 hours

While mixture dries, measure a circle of fabric and ribbon (optional)to tie around lid of jar Cut it out and set aside

When salt is completely dry, crumble up (it will be stiff) and pour into jar.

Tie fabric circle around lid ***TIP: use a rubber band to secure the fabric and tuck it under the lip of the lid so it won't slip around or be seen!!

Tie ribbon or raffia around the fabric for added charm!

Add this salt to a hot bath to sooth away achy muscles while filling the air with the pleasing aroma of pure vanilla...light a vanilla candle and you've got a relaxing and therapeutic spa bath!!

Appleseed Gifts


  1. Oh what a great tutorial! Thank you for sharing! I know what I'll be making my mother in law for mother's day! :-)

  2. Awesome tut thanks! Sopping by from Follow Me Fridays to say hello..already a follower :)

  3. That sounds great. I am so going to try this. Stopped by for Friday Follow and glad I did...yo have some great ideas here.

    Holly @ 504 Main