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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Movie Themed Birthday Slumber Party for a Sweet 10 Year Old

Do you need a fun idea for a little girl's birthday party?  My sweet Addie Mae turned 10 this month.  She is all about American Girls and movies, so this is what we came up with for her birthday party:  a movie themed slumber party

When the guests (movie stars) arrived, they were greeted with a red carpet up the stairs and their names on stars.... a walk of fame if you will.  On the front door, was a "Welcome to the Premier of Addie's 10th Birthday" poster

 Inside the guests were greeted with Hollywood sunglasses and an autograph book. 

Of course, the movie stars sipped sparkling cider "champaigne" as part of the premier:

The "theater" included a movie behind curtains, a poster showing the movies being featured (American Girl of course), and a concession stand.  This was the girls' favorite part!  They earned tickets by playing various games, including "Pass the Popcorn" where they passed a piece of popcorn made from construction paper from one friend to the next on a straw in their mouth.

The tickets they earned were then used to purchase various concessions at the concession stand including movie candy, popcorn, pop and nachos.  There were also "free" popcorn themed cupcakes (the popcorn is actually marshmallows).

As a craft, and to go along with the slumber party theme, the girls each decorated their own pillow case with permanent marker.  The girls also "autographed" each other's pillowcases.  The girls also used their autograph books to tell each girl what they liked about her.

As a party favor, I made each girl a flower clip for their hair to add to the glamour.  All their party goodies were served up in an offical movie theater popcorn bag:
This turned out to be such a fun party.  The girls had a great time!

Show and Tell Green

Creations by Kara


  1. How FUN!! My daughter use to love American Girl but she is now 14. Enjoy this while you can. You, my dear, are tooooo creative! Wonderful!!
    Enjoy your day and 10 yo!

  2. What a great idea and a super fun time for the girls :0)

  3. It looks like the girls had a blast! What a great birthday idea. I would have had a great time too. Love the popcorn goody bags.

  4. Oh happy birthday to Addie! You do the best birthday parties for the kids. They will have such great memories AND ideas for their own kids when they grow up and have families. I love you sis...hard to believe she is 10 already. Time is racing by.

  5. This is just great. It reminds me of the movie themed wedding shower I gave my sister.


  6. How in the heck am I missing all of these great posts??? Argh! Anyway, happy belated birthday to my favorite Addie girl, I can't believe she's so old! Love her so much!

  7. How did you make the popcorn cupcakes? Too adorable.

  8. How did you make the popcorn cupcakes? Too adorable.

  9. My daughter is also of ten years old, so I think it would be great to plan the same ‘Slumber’ party for her. I am sure she would be so glad after seeming these kinds of colorful stars. In this way, I can have the best birthday party nyc at my daughter’s day.

  10. Simply adorable birthday party. Your slumber themed party is great. Want to have a similar themed party for my daughter who will be turning 11 this year. Will book one of famous Venues in San Francisco for the day.